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DENHAM x Armor-Lux

Premium jeanmaking cut together with the original Breton stripe​.

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Made together

Introducing a modern workwear collection influenced by classic French nautical style. Made together with Armor-Lux, the brand with a legacy dating back to 1938 in Brittany, renowned for its quality knitwear and iconic Breton stripe jersey.

This collaboration combines our expertise in authentic workwear and denim innovation with Armor-Lux's premium knitwear craftsmanship, with timeless pieces inspired by French sailing traditions and the Brittany landscape.


Washed together

Workwear-inspired denim features special tonal stripe embroidery and pleated details.

Cut from 12 oz ‘loomstate’ ecru denim and regenerative cotton, 12 oz denim finished with gentle washes inspired by the Côtes-d'Armor spring tides.


Knitted together

Classic Armor-Lux sweaters and cardigans are reworked with contemporary Breton stripe designs.

All are crafted from organic cotton using advanced circular knitting machines in Brittany, and in the premium quality the brand is known for.


Stitched together

Organic cotton jerseys are inspired by the Brittany horizon at sunset – where shades of pink and blue create bands of colour as the light reflects from the sea to the air.

Made responsibly

This collection is responsibly made using 100% regenerative (Regenagri® Cotton) denim – with care for the yield, land and community – and unwashed and gently washed denim, requiring less water consumption and laundry processing.

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